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Tagalerts Plugin

—- plugin —- description: Adds alerts (as system messages or simple tag styling) author : Simon DELAGE email : type : lastupdate : 2015-06-20 compatible : depends : tag conflicts : similar : tags : tags, alert

downloadurl: bugtracker : sourcerepo : donationurl:

screenshot_img :


:!: External requirements: This plugin requires today's (2015-07-24) version of Tag Plugin. It's info file is not updated yet as I write these lines so you will have to manually upgrade it by clicking “Reinstall” button even if plugin manager doesn't propose the update on it's own.

Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


Here is an example of “inline” alert with a custom message shown as a tooltip on mouseover :


And here is an example of “message” alert, this time with just the basic message :


It is possible to have more than one alert at once :

multiple_inline.jpg multiple_message.jpg

And it is finally possible to have more than one inline alert of same type :


But it is currently not possible to have a given message alert more than once.

Configuration and Settings

  • action : type of alert (ie inline or message) [default: inline]
  • error, info, success and notify : comma separated lists of tags that will trigger the corresponding alert

Here is an example of configuration :


Custom messages

To have custom messages, you have to create a file named tagalerts.conf in your wiki's conf folder (…/conf/tagalerts.conf).

Here is an example with custom messages for archive and todo tags :

archive	Cette page a été archivée et son contenu pourrait être dépassé.
todo	Au boulot !

Notes :

  • an empty line is needed at the end of the file
  • ConfManager plugin can manage this conf file for you.

Change Log

Known Bugs and Issues

Please refer to the GitHub issue tracker for reporting issues.


Please use this forum thread or mails.

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