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Tag Alerts


This plugin gives the possibility to activate different types of alerts for some specified tags (alerts are based on the same style than Dokuwiki's system messages: error, info, success or notification).

Basic usage

Simply add the tags (as a comma separated list) to the option corresponding to the wanted tag alert.

Here is the result :

  • A given tag should only be added to one alert type.
  • If more than one tag on a given page are supposed to throw the same alert, only the first one (in the option) will be signaled in the message.

Personnalized alerts

It is possible to personnalize alerts according to the tag through the file …/conf/tagalerts.conf (you will have to create it or use the Confmanager plugin).

For example :

# blah blah blah
archive         This pages is marked as archived. It's content might be outdated.

« Inline » alerts

Instead of throwing alert messages, the plugin can apply the corresponding style to the tag link itself :

Wich gives this result :

If there's a personnalized alert for a tag, it will be shown as a tooltip on mouseover :

Tooltip only

If you add a personnalized alert in …/conf/tagalerts.conf file withour adding the tag to one of the categories in plugin options, the alert will be added as a tooltip to the link but no style will be applied.

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