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Namespaced Template

—- template —- description : template heavily based on DokuWiki's default template with namespace related magic author : Simon Delage email : lastupdate_dt : 2015-02-10 compatible : Hrun depends : conflicts : similar : DokuWiki screenshot_img: template:dokuwiki_template.png tags : sidebar, topbar, mobile, responsive, namespace, logo, banner

sourcerepo : downloadurl : bugtracker :

This is a modification of the default template bundled with DokuWiki with added features (list below).

The original template was designed by Clarence Lee and authored by Anika Henke.


  • Optional topbar (can be namespace dependent, inherited from parent(s) or not)
  • Optional sidebar
  • Optional logo (can be namespace dependent, inherited from parent(s) or not)
  • Optional banner (can be namespace dependent, inherited from parent(s) or not)
  • Tagline can be replaced by current page title beside at wiki start (tagline and title positions can be switched)
  • Nice integration of Translation and User Homepage plugins if they're enabled
  • Mobile support (Desktop, Tablet, Phone sizes)
  • HTML5 compatible

Download and Install

Install the template using the Extension Manager and the download URL above, which points to the latest version.

Refer to Templates on how to manually install and use templates in DokuWiki.


This template offers quite a few settings to customize it to suit your likings. Let me know if you feel something should be added USING GITHUB ISSUE?????????????????????????????????????????????


Setting (default value) Possible values Effect
topbarwidth (480) positive integer < or = 100 Topbar width in % of window
positive integer > 100 Topbar width in pixels
topbarposition (absolute) absolute Topbar will scroll with page
fixed Topbar will stick to the top of browser window
topbarbgcolor (empty string) empty string __background_neu__ from …lib/tpl/namespaced/style.ini (see hints)
Any valid CSS color string1) Topbar background color
topbarfrom (nowhere) nowhere Disable topbar feature
root Search for topbar at wiki root only
inherit …or in current namespace then it's parent(s)
namespace …or in current namespace only
taglinereplace (on) on/off If enabled, tagline will be replaced with current page title (except at wiki start page)
titleinvert (on) on/off If enabled, wiki title and tagline will be inverted (except at wiki start page)
logofrom (inherit) nowhere Disable logo feature
root Search for logo at wiki root only
inherit …or in current namespace then it's parent(s)
namespace …or in current namespace only
logomaxheight (0) 0 No maximum height
any positive integer Logo with bigger height will be resized to that height
logoaction (N) N On click or N shortcut, go to parent namespace
H On click or Hshortcut, got to wiki start page
titleaction (H) H On click or Hshortcut, got to wiki start page
N On click or N shortcut, go to parent namespace
addwikistart (on) on/off If enabled while both logoaction and titleaction are set to N, a link to wiki start page will be added in site tools
bannerfrom (nowhere) nowhere Disable banner feature
root Search for banner at wiki root only
inherit …or in current namespace then it's parent(s)
namespace …or in current namespace only
bannerwidewidth (600) any integer >1 If banner is wider than this, it will be placed between breadcrumbs and page content instead of being reduced to fit under site tools
0 Banner will allways be placed under site tools (and reduced if needed)
1 Banner will allways be placed between breadcrumbs and page content
mediamanagermove (on) on/off If enabled link to Media Manager will be moved from Site tools to Page tools
translationplugin (on) on/off If Translation plugin is active and this option is enabled, it will be placed on breadcrumbs line (either breadcrumbs or youarehere options must be enabled
userhomepageplugin (on) on/off If User Homepage plugin is active and this option is enabled, default Logged in as… string will be replaced by the one provided by ite plugin

Adding a Topbar

Adding a Sidebar

The template supports a sidebar as configured in Configuration Setting: sidebar.

Changing the Width and other Styles

Additionally to the standard guaranteed style.ini placeholders, the template uses the following variables:

placeholder variable meaning
__background_site__background colour of the whole site
__link__ colour of links
__existing__ colour of links to existing internal pages
__missing__ colour of links to missing internal pages
__site_width__ width of the whole site
__sidebar_width__ width of the sidebar

E.g. you can adjust the width of the template by overriding the __site_width__ variable. Simply create the file conf/tpl/dokuwiki/style.ini (or old location: lib/tpl/dokuwiki/style.local.ini in Adora Belle) and set the variable accordingly. You can either use a fixed value (px or em) or a percent value (%) if you prefer a dynamic width.

__site_width__  = "100%"

You can use this file to override any other variable from the style.ini as well. E.g. for changing some of the colors.

The Logo, Favicon and Apple Touch (bookmark) icons are looked up from multiple locations. The default icons (DokuWiki logo) provided by the template can be easily exchanged by uploading the image files to their correct locations using the Media Manager popup or Fullscreen Media Manager.

Here are the locations checked by the template code:

  • The site's logo
    • :wiki:logo.png
    • :logo.png
    • lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/logo.png
  • The favicon
    • :wiki:favicon.ico
    • :favicon.ico
    • lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/favicon.ico
  • The bookmark icon used by Apple and Android devices
    • :wiki:apple-touch-icon.png
    • :apple-touch-icon.png
    • lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/apple-touch-icon.png

Action Hooks

Plugins can integrate into the template without any need for modifying the template by providing an Action component to handle the custom action hooks triggered by the template.


This event allows to extend or modify the floating pagetools menu. $event->data['items'] contains an array with HTML for each item in the menu. Plugin authors should match the existing style and provide needed CSS and background image. You can use different styling or classes or markup depending on $conf['template']. $event->data['view'] contains information whether the pagetools are called in the main or the detail view.

Supported Include Hooks

Include hooks allow you to add additional HTML or PHP to the template without modifying any of the template files itself, making them safe to survive an update. Just create the appropriate file in either the template directory (lib/tpl/dokuwiki/) or your conf/ directory.

Filename Position of included HTML
meta.html Inside the HTML <head>, use this to add additional styles or metaheaders
sidebarheader.html At the top of the sidebar (if any)
sidebarfooter.html At the bottom of the sidebar (if any)
pageheader.html At the top inside the content box, above the actual content
pagefooter.html At the bottom inside the content box, below the actual content
header.html At the top of the page, above the logo and wiki title
footer.html At the very end of the page after all other page content

A few hints

Provide a topbar template

Simply install TemplateByName plugin and create .../data/pages/__topbar.txt with a simple template to guide users into creating topbars consisting of a list with the correct syntax.

Use a different CSS placeholder for Topbar background color

If you want to change the default topbar background color but keep using a placeholder from …/lib/tpl/namespaced/style.ini (ie use __background__ or __background_alt__ instead of __background_neu__), simply add a line like the following one in …/conf/userstyle.css :

.dokuwiki .topbar ul { background-color: __background_alt__; }

Sites using this Template

  • Add yours here
including RGB or RGBA expressions
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