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Mixture Template

—- template —- description : A highly customizable flat template based on Boostrap mixed up with DokuWiki's CSS placeholders. It offers differents layouts or color schemes and uses Google Fonts. author : Simon DELAGE email : lastupdate_dt : 2015-11-01 compatible : Detritus depends : conflicts : similar : screenshot_img: tags : !experimental, flat, contrast, bootstrap, css3, customizable, discussion, html5, mobile, modern, responsive, fontface, fontawesome, googlefonts

downloadurl : bugtracker : sourcerepo : donationurl :

:!: WORK IN PROGRESS :!: This template is functionnal but still in development process.

I wanted a modern template and started a conversion from a WordPress theme using Anika Henke's guide but found myself stuck between my own ideas and needs and the original theme that I didn't want to spoil… So I ended up starting a new template from scratch (at least from Starter template).

Download and Install

Simply use the Extension Manager with the URL given above or download the said archive and unpack it into …/lib/tpl/mixture folder.

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in Dokuwiki.

Sites using this Template

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