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DokuWikiStick : a wiki on USB stick

The concept is extremely simple : an USB stick, a MicroApache web server and a DokuWiki… Done ! You get a fully functional DokuWiki (only the plugins based on an external modules like an SQL or authentication server will, at best, be more difficult to set up) ! 8-O

There's no need for a long installation guide :

  • go to DokuWiki's standard download page, choose stable version, check the magic [MicroApache] box and whatever languages or plugins you are interested in
  • download the package, uncompress it on your USB stick, launch the run.bat script
  • go to the address http://localhost:8800/install.php for basic configuration

And voilà ! You have a beautyfull new wiki ready to roll at the following address : http://localhost:8800/doku.php

It is possible to delete install.php file, but with an USB stick, there's little chance that anyone with evil intention gets the oportunity to use it… LOL

The biggest interest of this tool, in my humble opinion, is that since it functions exactly like any DokuWiki, it is a wonderfull test environment tool perfect to develop plugins or templates.

Any drawback ? A very small one… A batch script to launch and “manage” Micro Apache is an ugly thing :-x
This is why I made this AutoIt script.

For posterity, here is the page of the initial project but the version you can download there is, by far, totally obsolete.

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